Hi there! I am so happy you’re here. I want to welcome you to my site and introduce myself before we begin our photography journey together!

I’ve been in the field now for over a decade, but photography wasn’t my first passion. My passion has always been PEOPLE! I spent my academic years earning a BS in Human Development and Family Studies from Indiana University. I was a nanny for several families with small children, a direct service professional assisting individuals living with disabilities, and a volunteer CASA for abused and neglected children before I became a photographer.

13 years later, I’ve devoted my life and career to combining both my artistic and service minded visions. Now, making art for people in all stages of life is both my business and my passion!

I originally hail from Indiana, being born and raised around the Indianapolis/Greenfield areas. I caravan-ed with friends West on a hope and a prayer and landed in Colorado shortly after I finished college. Colorado was beautiful and very sunny, but it didn’t have that special something in a home I was looking for! So, I went further westward and landed in Washington in 2013. Having been here for nearly 7 years, I can safely say this is my promised land. I love EVERY single part of this amazing place—yes, even that dreaded constant drizzle in the fall and winter months!

I found the love of my life here in Olympia, Anthony, and we started a family together a short time later. We have a vivacious toddler, Indiana, one ole’ tomboy cat, and seven cluckin’ backyard hens (I call them my Girl Squad). When I’m not behind the camera, you’ll find me nitpicking in my ever expanding garden or cleaning my kitchen for the 1000th time. I’m addicted to coffee and the PNW beaches. Exploring this wondrous adventure filled region is how I spend most of my free time!

I’m ready to learn more about YOU now. Let’s make works of art together and have a heck of a lot of fun doing it!

Love, Kayleigh